Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things are moving right along!

Things have been moving really quickly with the house. Its great because I don't feel like I have to keep nagging the builders.

Above you can see that they poured the floor for the garage.

They also poured the floor in the basement. That means it is time for framing! They even delivered the wood and trusses already, so the framing can start asap.

Our concerns over the yard continue. The slope is still really steep and fairly unusable for things like soccer. The builder is helping to fix the problem by having extra dirt brought in. In the pic above you can see the grade on the left side is much better than the grade on the right where you can see a gap under the fence. They are in the process of filling a ravine back there. We still think we are going to have to have a landscape architect come give a plan for a retaining wall/flower bed near the house that will allow us to level out the yard below it. Turns out most problems can be solved......for more $$, lol.

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