Friday, October 18, 2013

Finishing touches

They are putting in the finishing touches!

 Our carpet is a light grey with a beige fleck. Ignore the line down the center of the picture....I took this one to show the builder the gap in the carpet pad so they can fix it.

 Here is the tile, paint, carpet combo. The carpet and tile are showing up a little darker than they are in real life.

 The master shower looks great!

Here are the bathroom them too.

We have our walk through in just a couple of weeks....lets hope they paint the exterior before then!

Monday, October 7, 2013


They are painting the interior trim and walls. This is one thing I was really worried about. It is hard to pick paint off of a little 1" paint chip. I was able to snag some pictures through the window they were using for ventilation....STINKY! As best as I could tell the paint looked great.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Changes

So many things are happening at the house this week!

They put in the door jambs and trim.

We finally have a railing, which makes me feel better about Bodie walking around the house.

The pantry shelves are in.

The closet shelves are in.

They finished tiling the master shower and bath.

Last, but not least, they started the exterior siding. It will eventually be painted a dark blue/grey color.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Things Happening on the Inside

The biggest update to the interior is the tile!

We chose this really pretty beige/gray/cream colored porcelain tile that has a gentle sand like movement to it. Probably why it is called "Sand Dune". 

It looks a bit darker in these pictures than it is in real life. When you see it is person it pretty light, which I like.

We took the same tile up into the shower and around the tub. They haven't done grout in here yet, but you get the idea.

They started hanging the doors today as well. These are the double doors that lead into the master bedroom.

The shelving is going up in the laundry room and coat closet.

Lastly, they delivered the trim so I'm guessing that will go up soon as well!

Exterior Stone and Trim!

Lots of fun things are happening at the house right now. We got these pretty garage doors last week! Of course this means we are locked out of the house and can only go in when someone is working but I suppose that's a good thing since they are working on interior finishes.

 See the cute garage door hardware...very nice.

They also put all the white trim up on the house last week.

This week they are working on the stone facade. I love the stone we picked. I was worried it wouldn't go with the slate gray/blue siding we chose but seeing all the gray in it makes me think they will go together really well.

Here's a close up of the stone.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Interior and a Little Exterior

They been doing the mud and tape on the sheet rock this week and also texturizing the walls a bit.

You can see the wall texture really well in this picture.

Here is the entryway...can't wait until the floor is in!

Here you can see the gently rounded corners on the walls. Looks like they need to do a little sanding though.

Today they started wrapping the house so they can do siding and stone! Fun stuff :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Drywall went up!

It makes such a huge difference once drywall is up in the house. Its feeling like a real house now and we are close enough to give our 60 day notice at the apartment!

Here is a picture of the new window. The doorway on the left is the pantry, the small window is above the kitchen sink, and the big window is part of the eat-in dining room.

This is the wall opposite the windows. It will have a large media center on it. We opted against a fireplace for both cost and because we have rarely used one even when we have owned one.

Here is the view out the back. Love all the natural light!

This is the other wall of kitchen where the range will be. Notice the vaulted makes it feel really big in there.

Here is the master bathroom with the special drywall that will go under the tiles.

The stairway to the basement...minus a railing.

Here is the rec room down in the basement. The doorway in the back is the bathroom.

The other side of the rec room where the tv and sectional will go.

So excited about the progress!!!