Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here is what it looks like on the inside.

(Here is the outside with the roof complete)

(This is the garage and the garage entrance to the house)

(The small space in the foreground is the coat closet)

(Next to the coat closet is the powder room)

(Our big laundry room...woohoo)

(The stairs going down to the basement)

(Both of the boys rooms)

(The boys' bathroom)

(The kitchen. You can see the pantry and the walls will have counter along with a large island)

(The dining room and large hole where the doors to the backyard will be)

(View straight out from the living room)

(View to the left)

(Master bedroom)

(Master bath)

(Master closet...nice and big!)

(Basement rec room)

(Basement bath room and two out of three bedrooms)

(Vaulted ceiling in the family room/kitchen/dining room)

(Front patio)

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Kristina said...

Looking awesome!! Can't wait to come and see it!