Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long overdue update

Hello again from the Edwards family!

Bodie is now almost 16 months old and he has changed so much since our last post. There's too much to cover all the amazing milestones so we'll just have to start from the present.

1. Bodie tries to say some fun words. The most recent is alligator or "alli-ghee-ghee". He also says things like cah-cah (cracker), tuh-key (turkey), and a few semi-unintelligible animal sounds :). I love that he is finally starting to imitate what we say, but I'm sure I'll feel differently the first time he embarrasses me by copying some word like "crap".
2. Around his first birthday Bodie started walking. Once he finally started to take steps it quickly turned into attempted running, climbing, and standing on his rocking chair. I'm not really sure of the last time he was bruise-free but at least he is having fun exploring!

3. Bodie like his mom and his dad in many ways. There are times when he is trying to figure out a toy or an ipad app and he just gets so mad that he can't figure it out. I'm thinking there are some perfectionist tendencies there, mixed with a desire to be able to do everything right the first time....hmm....sounds like his mom,  lol. In sleep he is very much like his dad. The kid usually wakes up between 4am and 6:30am every morning, most frequently between 5-5:30 though. Now mom has NEVER been a morning person but dad will gladly get up that early, even on the weekend, and so far mom can find no good reason for it. Sometimes Bodie will even decide its time for bed all on his own. Tonight he saw his milk on the counter and asked for it. I then asked if he was tired and he marched himself straight back to the bedroom where he grabbed his "silky" blanket and stood in front of the rocking chair waiting to be put to bed. That almost makes up for the early mornings.....almost....

As much as you all (that's right...i didn't say y'all) would surely love to hear more Bodie updates, I'll do a quick mommy/daddy update too. We moved here to Grapevine, TX back in November when Bruce's company transferred him to a plant in Fort Worth. Bruce is loving his job which is a huge blessing, and I'm loving that he works really great hours compared to his last position. So far we have really enjoyed living here. The people are friendly, there are tons of restaurants and things to do, and the cost of living can't be beat. The one thing I would change would be the weather. I love the sun, but the 100+ temps and humidity can be killer....esp since I'm so pregnant!

Yup, that's the next big news. We are pregnant with #2 and due on September 9th. We are so excited to be having another little boy and can't wait until he and Bodie can play together!

That's all for now...hopefully I'll be able to update again before another 10 months go by!


Steph said...

Loved the update. Glad you guys are doing well!!!

Jonathan and Marissa said...

Way to go! Finally a blog update! :) Glad to hear everything is good, and I hope you won't keep us in suspense too long before you share pictures of the new baby!