Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday ... to ME!

Howdy ya'all!
Mommy said I needed to learn how to say that because we are moving to Texas next month. I'm pretty excited because "everything is bigger in Texas" so I should fit right in. When I went to the doctor for my 6 month appointment the nurse weighed me (19lbs) and measured me (28") and said, "almost the size of a 1 year old". I guess I'm big too!!!

This is my halloween costume. I've got some pretty kissable cheeks so mommy picked the monkey outfit. I'm happy that she did cause there is a banana I can chew on! Chewing on things is my favorite thing to do. If there are no toys around to chew on, I even chew my socks...mmm!
I learned how to hold my bottle and my sippy cup this month! Now I don't have to wait for mommy to help anymore. This makes us both happy!
That's all for now's time for church and I always make mommy and daddy late :)


Jonathan and Marissa said...

He is so cute! Jack is a monkey too :). How did you get him to take a sippy? Jack absolutely refuses and will push it away from him? I am excited for your guy's move, I hope all goes well, and that the job is fantastic!

Bruce and Christie said...

We got a variable flow sippy that he sucks on like a bottle. The harder he sucks the more it flows. I think maybe he likes it b/c it is similar to drinking a bottle?