Sunday, May 30, 2010

Proud New Homeowners!

We moved into our first home on cinco de mayo! We are thrilled to be homeowners and thrilled with the house that we own.

Santa LOVES having a yard:

You may notice the long grass - we have since been able to buy a mower and cut the grass.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the house as it was when we moved in.

View of the front
View of the back
Family Room


A great feature:
a rack in the microwave, making it easy to warm up two plates of food!


Kevin and Kristina said...

Congrats!!! Send me your new address when you get a moment. The house looks beautiful and the patio turned out great. Can't wait to see all the other fix ups you do. Work fast before you become lazy like us and stop doing anything!! :)

analyn2 said...

How exciting!! Congrats to the two of you on your beautiful new home! It's so fun to be a homeowner, that is for the most part! ;) We just bought our first home this past Dec. It's so nice having way more space! Looks like your dog is enjoying that big backyard to run around in. Keep in touch! Take care