Sunday, May 30, 2010

Project #1: Enlarge the patio

We love our house, but wanted to make some improvements. We started with the patio, which was too small for a gazebo, table, and chairs. The solution was adding 3 feet on each side with paver stones.
We got started by digging out the grass around the existing patio
then laying down the paver base

The next steps were adding a layer of sand and putting the paver stones in place.
The pavers were level with each other, but not level with the existing patio, so we started again.

After putting down about 9 pavers (in 3 hours), we realized that the pavers were not 12"x12". Since the pattern would result in terrible misalignment between the pavers and the patio, we started again.

We dove right back into the project knowing we have a good design and construction technique (notice the level).
We ran out of time and had to put a tarp over the project to protect it from the incoming storm (and tornado warning). After two days, we hoped to pick up where we left off, but found we needed to start again. The pavers had shifted out of place.

In the final start, we used the design that we knew would work. Christie had mastered the technique of adjusting the amount and position of the sand to get pavers in the perfect orientation.

It was a long workday, but we the patio is now larger and we think it looks great. I got pretty dirty lifting and shifting pavers all day. Christie's work resulted in a patio to be proud of.

With a larger patio, the gazebo was put up and chairs were set out for relaxation.
With a fully functional patio, the grill was put to use for the first time.


Joan said...

Love the patio! You guys did a great job. I can't wait to see more pictures of the house. Decorating seems to be never-ending but it is so much fun too. Enjoy!

Kelly Jo said...

congratulations on being homeowners! The patio looks great!

steveandjonelle said...

The patio looks great! Wish we could come and visit.

Lindsey Wintch said...

You can tell you are both engineers. Way to go with the patio!

Abby said...

It looks great! That took a lot of patience! I think I may have given up.

I can't wait to see more...