Saturday, September 14, 2013

Drywall went up!

It makes such a huge difference once drywall is up in the house. Its feeling like a real house now and we are close enough to give our 60 day notice at the apartment!

Here is a picture of the new window. The doorway on the left is the pantry, the small window is above the kitchen sink, and the big window is part of the eat-in dining room.

This is the wall opposite the windows. It will have a large media center on it. We opted against a fireplace for both cost and because we have rarely used one even when we have owned one.

Here is the view out the back. Love all the natural light!

This is the other wall of kitchen where the range will be. Notice the vaulted makes it feel really big in there.

Here is the master bathroom with the special drywall that will go under the tiles.

The stairway to the basement...minus a railing.

Here is the rec room down in the basement. The doorway in the back is the bathroom.

The other side of the rec room where the tv and sectional will go.

So excited about the progress!!!

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Kristina said...

Looking awesome!!! So excited! Maybe we can come visit and get a tour when we are out in December!