Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nursery updates!

Well, Bruce had some time off during the holidays so, of course, we did another project!!

We decided not to use a bedding set for the nursery (like we originally planned) and to go with separates instead. This gave us a lot of freedom in choosing paint colors.
We started by painting three of the nursery walls a light green color.

The fourth wall we striped with light green, light turquoise, chocolate brown, and white. Each set of stripes for each color had to be measured, snapped with a chalk line, lined with painters tape, and painted. We had to do each color on separate days as well. Lots of work!!

Here is a picture of the finished stripe wall. I think it looks pretty cool! There was a little bleeding under the tape due to the texture of the wall but what can ya do? After the striped wall dried we put the crib and changing table up against it and it looked pretty good.

I'm going to try and paint an owl similar to the one below and hang it on one of the green walls. I'll make the eyes turquoise instead of pink, and I'll omit the name of course.
I'm getting really excited now that things are coming together!
Less than 3 months to go!!


steveandjonelle said...

I love the striped wall. The nursery looks great! Your interior decorating talents are already blessing your little family. I can't wait to see how the owl turns out.

Kevin and Kristina said...

absolutely adorable! striped wall is awesome!!

Andrea said...

The striped wall looks awesome!! Can you come paint my canvases???? It was so fun seeing you over the holidays.

super awesome kt said...

so cute! I'm so impressed you got the painting done so quickly! Can't wait to see how it looks with the owl (assuming you post pictures that is!) :)

Barry and Rochelle said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope all is well for you guys. You did a fantastic job on the nursery so far. I'm very impressed!

jocie said...

The nursery looks amazing, I'm so impressed. And I sent some PJs for your little man a little bit ago, I hope they arrived.

Anonymous said...

What color did you use for the green on your walls? I'm struggling to find a green paint color I like!