Monday, October 26, 2009

New Apartment

It took a week or two, but we eventually got everything moved out of storage, into our apartment, and set up in way we liked it. Christie made sure we got some new decorations so it actually looks nice and doesn't have bare walls. I'm glad she's good at decorating because I certainly am not!

Here is a video and pictures of each of the rooms.

The front room, looking insideThe front room, looking outside
Our bedroom
More of our bedroom
The guest room/office
The office part of the guest room
The kitchen, with the root beer racks. There are now 138 root beers in the collection.


Kevin and Kristina said...

Your new place looks great. Christie, great decorating!! Wish we could come and visit!

Barry and Rochelle said...

Barry is so impressed with your Root Beer collection. He says he couldn't collect them because he would be too tempted to drink them.

Anyways. Just found your blog!

Ours is

Lindsey Wintch said...

New Post! I want some updates:)