Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I think my dog is a cat?!

Exhibit A: Dog sleeps on window sills just like a kitty. He has also been known to stand on them on all fours (does he think he has nine lives or something?!).

Exhibit B: Cat-dog has been known to lay on his back and swat at your hand if you move it toward his face....however this may be because your hand so too high for proper belly scratches and he is trying to reposition it...silly doggy. Or even more likely, he is trying to use his paws to catch your hand or toy so he can try and gnaw on it.

Either way I'm most certain he is a male...DEFINITELY nothing ladylike about the above!!


marti said...

Santa makes me laugh!

steveandjonelle said...

Carter misses Santa. When cna he come play? Are you getting so excited for school to start in the fall?