Sunday, June 7, 2009

St Louis Zoo

For Memorial Day weekend, we went to St Louis to see our friends Tyler and Andrea Hooper. Since we love the zoo and St Louis has (arguably) the best zoo in the US, we decided to go visit. With 3 blogs about zoos in the past 6 months, it seems a theme is emerging.

The complete collection of St Louis zoo photos is here.

Tyler, Andrea, Christie, Bruce
Hayden in front

us, in front of the elephants

Andrea with Hayden

Have you ever seen a tiger in the water before?

We were literally six inches from this hippopottamus, or hippo-thomas as Hayden calls it. There was a large glass wall that allowed us to look into the water where the hippos were swimming/running. This guy kept turing around right in front of us and he usually knocked his nose into the glass!

Here are some elephants playing in the water to cool down. They even used the water fall to bathe themselves. In the picture, the baby elephant is squirting water from his trunk. He had a hard time staying up in the deep water. In fact, he sometimes stood at the bottom of the pool and just raised his trunk out of the water to breathe.


marti said...

So fun that you were able to meet up with the Hoopers! Excited to see you tomorrow.

jocie said...

are zoos bruce's next big obsession? like root beer and soccer? i totally support all three. i'm just asking for informational purposes...

steveandjonelle said...

I am jealous! That zoo looks awesome. We have been checking out the zoos in the minneapolis area!